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Churchill Orchard
in the Ojai Valley

Our orchard is in the beautiful East End of the Ojai Valley in Southern California.

We grow about 12 acres of tangerines - Pixie tangerine, Page tangor, Seedless Kishu mandarin, Owari Satsuma mandarin, and a few other varieties that we're trying out - plus 5 acres of avocados - Hass, Fuerte, Mexicola Grande and Bacon varieties.

Everything we grow is CCOF-certified Organic.

----- Jim Churchill and Lisa Brenneis, Proprietors

November 2015 - We're still hoping for a warm winter with early rain.

Our 2016 season will begin in February (knock wood) with the incomparable Kishu Mandarin and then the Pixies will return in April (knock wood). We're sorry to inform you that we won't be offering mail order service for our Kishus in 2016. We have a smaller crop and predictions of a very wet January and February. We plan on selling the 2016 Kishu crop through our farmers market stands and to our wholesale customers. Please sign up for our email list if you want us to alert you when the 2016 Pixies and avos are ready to ship. Thanks everybody!

California folks please note: We hope to return to the Berkeley and Ojai farmers markets starting in January 2016. We're offering certified organic Kishus, avocados, Page mandarins and Ojai Pixies.

North Berkeley Farmers Market Thursdays from 3-7 PM
Downtown Berkeley Market Saturdays from 10AM-3PM
Ojai Farmers Market Sundays from 9AM- 1PM

We've learned from experience that taking mail orders too far in advance can be expensive for us. Sometimes Nature has other plans for our crop. So we wait until we have a reasonable chance of delivering. We always email our list before opening up for orders on an item.

Sign up below to be notified when our delicious certified organic Kishu mandarins and Ojai Pixies are ready to ship.

Go to the Tangerineman.com web store

Sign up for our "Churchill Orchard Kishu and Pixie Alerts" list if you want to be notified when our Kishu trees are ready, and once again when our Ojai Pixies have started shipping in the spring. We promise not to over-communicate. If you'd like to email us, please use this Contact Us link.

Sign up for Churchill Orchard Kishu and Pixie Alerts

Watch our video! - "Sugar Hunt - Brix Testing Kishus at Churchill Orchard"

Sugar Hunt - Brix Testing Kishus at Churchill Orchard

Check out our little video - "Spring Tangerine Tasting at Churchill Orchard"

Spring Tangerine Tasting at Churchill Orchard

The Seasons at Churchill Orchard

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