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Churchill Orchard in the Ojai Valley is in the beautiful East End of the Ojai Valley in Southern California.

We grow about 12 acres of tangerines – mostly Pixie tangerines, Seedless Kishu tangerines, and Page tangors, – and 3 acres of avocados – Hass, Fuerte, and Bacon varieties, plus a single magnificent Mexicola Grande. Everything we grow is CCOF-certified Organic.

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Our web store offers mail order service during our growing season – late January thru May. We offer Kishu Mandarins in February (short season), followed by Pixie tangerines, Hass avocados, sometimes other seasonal delights depending on our supply. Our catalog is open year round for browsing.

2023 Season Wrapup

What a Spring we’ve had. The rain’s restored years worth of water deficit in a few months, but with nice sunny breaks between the storms.

The whole orchard is bursting forth – leaves, flowers, roots, shoots — and weeds. Oh yeah.

Lots of mowing, flailing, pruning, raking. When we finally get a handle on all that vegetation, it will be time to start irrigating again. And to let the trees do their work making next year’s fruit.

So far so good. The rain has really been the best.

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Pixies @ the Monterey Market

My how time flies. We just noticed that it’s been 30 years since we started selling Pixies to the Monterey Market in Berkeley.  It’s a beautiful thing.

News from the Grove

Wet Kishu Report Jan 12

January 12, 2023

When creeks rise in southern California, dry beds become turbulent torrents. We put together a little video to show how storm flows look in the East End of Ojai. https://vimeo.com/788758343 Nikos, born in the drought, gets his first glimpse of Ojai’s waterways in full flood. The Ojai Valley is 100%… Read more

Winter rains and kishus

January 3, 2023

A week of serious storms approaches from the Pacific. Winter rain looms large in our history. We need it, and yet… A very very hard rain can end Kishsu season just by beating the delicate skins until they bruise or break. We get a lot of exercise trying to preserve… Read more

Fall is a wonderful time at the orchard.

November 15, 2022

Fall is a wonderful time at Churchill Orchard. Summer is over – summer’s a hard time at the orchard, hot and kinda dull, with lots of repetitive walking of irrigation lines and checking on gopher traps. In the fall, after the heat breaks, all kinds of things start happening. *… Read more

Spring Flower Show – April 2022

April 27, 2022

April is a glorious and fragrant time in the orchard. Fruit and flowers abound, and the air is delicious. April is also harvest time for Pixies, and most of our other varieties, so it’s the busiest time. Here are some pictures of the beautiful bloom – we smile as we hustle… Read more

Same Kishus, More Folks – we sold out in 5 hours. Why? Read on.

February 2, 2022

Same Kishus, More Folks – we sold out in 5 hours. Why? Read on. 2nd Feb 2022 We’ve heard from a number of Kishu customers and prospective customers who missed the window for Kishu ordering this year. We sent the Kishu email alert at 8:30 am Saturday Jan 22 –… Read more

2022 Season Preview

January 8, 2022

Many of you are new to Churchill Orchard and our little deal – let us introduce ourselves. We specialize in seasonal citrus and avocado varieties, which means our offerings change as things come into season. We’re getting ready for our 2022 season. Our mail order program runs January through May, and our… Read more