Churchill Orchard in the Ojai Valley is in the beautiful East End of the Ojai Valley in Southern California.

We grow about 12 acres of tangerines – mostly Pixie tangerines, Seedless Kishu tangerines, and Page tangors, – and 3 acres of avocados – Hass, Fuerte, and Bacon varieties, plus a single magnificent Mexicola Grande. Everything we grow is CCOF-certified Organic.

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We’re offering limited quantities of our seedless Kishu Mandarins. Ordering starts at the end of January. We hope for 3 weeks of shipping. Things will loosen up later in the season – we have a nice crop of Ojai Pixies and Hass avocados, plus some Oro Blancos and Pages.

Ojai Locals!  Visit the Churchill Orchard Cyber Market for pre-order and local pickup of our fine fruits. Sign up here – we will email you when we open up the cybermarket.

We’re still planning for a cybermarket – after we get the whole Kishu season underway.

California Residents!  Visit our Berkeley Cybermarket  to order a limited selection of our farmers market stand offerings from our webstore. We’ll ship it to your home or office. Sign up here. We will email you when we open the Berkeley Cybermarket for orders.

We hope to kick this off later in February.

News from the Grove

Heart of Pixie

April 1, 2021

April 1 We head into the heart of Pixie and Hass avocado season. Most of our acreage is planted to these two varieties. This is the season of larger picking crews and 1000-lb bins.   Read more

Spring 2021 – a note from Jim

March 20, 2021

20th Mar 2021 Momentarily bucolic — dawn at the orchard. The organic Kishu season has ended at Churchill Orchard, and the organic Pixie season has begun. Kishu season was kind of a project – we got that lovely write-up in the Wall Street Journal in mid-December, right as we were starting a… Read more

Kishu Outlook – cloudy, but should clear up.

January 7, 2021

Jan 7, 2021 We’ve been hearing from many of you wondering if there are Kishu mandarins for sale this year. Yes, Kishus are coming. We hope to open ordering in late January, but the fruit makes the final call. We have to limit our sales this year – it’s a… Read more

2021 Season Update

October 17, 2020

OUR KISHU MANDARINS RETURN LATE JAN 2021 – OUR CERTIFIED ORGANIC OJAI PIXIES AND HASS AVOCADOS COMING MARCH 2021. Please sign up for our email list if you want us to alert you when the 2021 fruit is ready to ship. Thanks everybody! Sign up for our email alert list.… Read more