Kishu Mandarins and Ojai Pixie Tangerines by mail order
Certified Organic

Churchill Orchard is out in the East End of the Ojai Valley where the fruit ripens a little later — but it’s worth waiting for.
Our Seedless Kishu mandarin mail order season usually starts at the end of January and our Pixies and avocados start right around April. We can ship our boxes of Pixies or Kishus throughout the United States.

2023 Season Forecast: Our 2022 season will begin in January with the incomparable Kishu Mandarin and then the Pixies will return in April (knock wood).

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Sign up for this list if you want to be notified when our Kishu trees are ready to fill orders next winter, and once again when our Ojai Pixies have started shipping in the spring. We promise not to over-communicate. The easiest way to know when we’re open for orders is to sign up for our email alert list. We always email our list before we open the store for Kishu orders.

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Seedless Kishu: This tiny heirloom mandarin, originally from China by way of Japan, is our earliest mandarin. Kishus are totally seedless, deliciously sweet and super-easy to peel. There isn’t a better tangerine. Short season – available in late January-February only.

Kishu Description from UCR Citrus Variety Collection

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Pixie: sweet, seedless, easy to peel. Really good; stores very well and retains excellent flavor for a remarkably long time.
Available March through sometime in summer when we run out.

Pixie description from UCR Citrus Variety Collection.

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