Kishu Outlook – cloudy, but should clear up.

Jan 7, 2021
We’ve been hearing from many of you wondering if there are Kishu mandarins for sale this year.
Yes, Kishus are coming.
We hope to open ordering in late January, but the fruit makes the final call.
We have to limit our sales this year – it’s a small crop, and we’ve had a tsunami of new interest after a lovely write-up in the WSJ. This always happens in years when we have a small crop. Must be nature….
For pre-existing customers, there will be a 2 box limit this year, because this is a small crop year after 2020’s bonanza harvest. If nobody orders, then we will offer another round.
More Drama.
We’re having some trouble getting our carton order filled this year (no cardboard available til March, they tell us) – creating complications. We need a special box to qualify for the Fedex rate we want to use. So while we are scrounging for boxes, we can’t tell customers what the fruit and shipping will cost this year. Depends on sourcing the box.
So we haven’t said anything.
Besides, the Kishus aren’t ripe yet.
Aren’t you glad you asked?
Thank you for sticking with us through all our agri-drama. Means a lot.
Jim Churchill and Lisa Brenneis
Churchill Orchard
Hope for the future – mail order Ojai Pixies and Hass avocados in March: We hope you’ll consider trying our first tangerine love, the Ojai Pixie, when the fruit is ready in late March.
We also offer a Party Box – 6 lbs of Pixie tangerines and 4 lbs of our certified organic Hass avocados. It’s a lovely spring treat.